Northeast Marine Introduced Species (NEMIS) - Print Edition

Introduced Species of Concern in the Northeast

Table of Introduced Species

The table lists plants and animals that can be found in the Northeast U.S. The species chosen are relative large, compete with or prey upon native species, may become very abundant where they are found, and can be seen without a microscope. We are concerned about all introduced species. This is a partial list of the many species found throughout New England.

Although many scientists have contributed to our knowledge of these introduced species, we thank James Carlton for compiling the list and for his comprehensive overview of introductions.

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Taxonomic group Genus and Species Common Name Likely Vector Region of Origin
Algae: Green Codium fragile subsp. tomentosoides Green fleece alga Aquaculture, fouling, ballast Asia
Algae: Red Grateloupia turuturu Red alga Fouling, ballast Asia
Anemones Diadumene lineata Striped orange anemone Fouling, ballast, aquaculture Asia
Anemones Sagartia elegans Fouling, ballast Europe
Bivalves Ostrea edulis European oyster aquaculture Europe
Bivalves Toredo navalis Wood borer Wooden ships Pacific Ocean
Bryozoan Membranipora membranacea Coffin bryozoan Fouling, ballast Europe
Crustacean: Amphipod Caprella mutica Skeleton shrimp ballast Asia
Crustacean: Barnacles Balanus amphitrite Barnacle Fouling, ballast Asia
Crustacean: Barnacles Chthamalus fragilis Barnacle Fouling, ballast South Atlantic Coast
Crustacean: Decapods Carcinus maenas European green crab Solid ballast Europe
Crustacean: Decapods Hemigrapsus sanguineus Asian shore crab Ballast Asia
Crustacean: Mysid Shrimp Praunus flexuosus Opossum shrimp ballast Europe
Polychaetes Janua pagenstecheri Spirobid worm Fouling, ballast, aquaculture Europe
Snails Littorina littorea Periwinkle snail Solid ballast, aquaculture Europe
Tunicates Ascidiella aspersa Sea squirt Fouling, ballast Europe
Tunicates Botrylloides violaceus Orange/red sheath sea squirt Fouling, research?, ballast Asia
Tunicates Botryllus schlosseri Golden star sea squirt Solid ballast, fouling Europe
Tunicates Didemnum vexillum Sea squirt Aquaculture Asia
Tunicates Diplosoma listerianum Sea squirt Aquaculture, fouling, ballast Asia
Tunicates Styela clava Sea squirt Aquaculture, fouling, ballast Asia
The linked species information in this table comes from the MITSG Coastal Resources at MIT Sea Grant.